Vintage 2018 planning and maintenance begins now

Pridham Viticulture ready for maintenance.

Make vintage 2018 and beyond easier by getting your vineyard maintenance sorted now.

There is always an endless list of minor and at times major maintenance tasks required to keep a vineyard running efficiently. The longer tasks are ignored the bigger and more expensive the problems become.

Some tips to that may help you manage your infrastructure more effectively.

  • Every time you walk your blocks or one of your employees take a note book with you and jot down things you see that need attention.
  • Transfer this info to a diary or better still a spreadsheet on your computer then prioritise the items on the list.
  • Plan a task job list, resources (including a budget) and timeline.
  • Plan your repairs so they fit in with other vineyard programs so time is used effectively.
  • Track your costs (materials, labour & equipment) this will improve your planning for future vineyard maintenance.

Usually the best time to do walk your blocks to assess the state of you vines and infrastructure is around late April and May once most of leaves have dropped. It is much easier to see the wear and tear the previous growing season has borne.

Useful thing to remember for vineyard maintenance

Use Eco steel posts for replacements. Wood posts are a big problem –the piles keep growing, we need to stop using wood now.

A handy tool to use to calculate post requirements. Post calculator.

Order form for trellis posts & clips.

Contact us now for your end of vintage maintenance and to discuss the benefits of Eco Trellis.

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