Vineyard Drainage

Vineyard Drainage is an exercise that is far more important than land managers realise.

This part of vineyard design is most often overlooked and yet the ideal time for drainage design is while the land is relatively bare.

Even better to get out on the block after some big soaking rains and simply mark the water flow lines then transfer the information onto google maps. It’s pretty simple really. It becomes fairly obvious where not to plant vines.

We have all seen the problems of planting vines in water logged ground as well as accessibility issues. Other problems that can arise are rising salt, compaction and anaerobic soil periods. Rectifying these problems once they occur becomes expensive so drainage works before vines get planted is by far the most cost effective option.

Some tips based on the experiences we have encountered –try as much as possible to use natural drainage lines as they have developed naturally over thousands/hundreds of years. Don’t be greedy by trying to use every last square meters of land. Set aside land for drainage and conservation use. It will reward you 10 fold.

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