That was vintage 2018

Vintage 18 is doneOne very intense vintage tucked away. Quality of the wines are looking excellent and I’m looking forward to post malo bench tastings typically around late May/June.

Something that stood out this vintage was the dryness. There was practically no rain from early January, yet the vines fared well -bar one heat spike around early verasion that caused some bunch damage.

Crop loads were generally lighter in Shiraz, Cab Sav and Merlot, Grenache fared well. Whites were generally quite solid cropping wise. Now the wait for rains to replenish our landscape.

Some preparation tips before the rains arrive. Firstly, have some relaxation time to re-enter your home life and social fabric. Vintage is pretty intense and we all need some time to ourselves to recharge.

Watering -check your allocations and see how much you can give your vines post-harvest, they will appreciate the drinks in this very dry, warm Autumn.

Nutrition -time to review your soil tests and budgets. Use your money wisely when deciding what products and how to apply them. There are plenty of options. -get some advice.

Does your vineyard floor need attention? Walk your blocks, take notes as well as photos. Some things to look out for -pasture mix & balance, are there to many unwanted weeds, is the ground to compacted, organic matter and ground trash ratios, etc. Once data is collected share the information with someone else and formulate a ground management plan. Your vines and soil will benefit in the medium & long term. It also helps you stay in tune with your vineyard.

Small actions now that are well planned will prepare the vines for the dormant season ahead and hopefully a fruitful 2019 vintage.

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