We will operate 3 fully equipped netting machine plus crew for 2022 vintage. This will reduce work bottlenecks and crew fatigue. Result – higher level of efficiency and happier people all round.

We can also advise on the most effective lay out of nets and application logistics.

We have some stock of new high-quality nets 18×300 meter 35gsm hexagonal knit for $1,700+gst per roll. Looked after they should last 15 years. Call us if you need any.

Some bird netting tips

View more about our bird netting service.

Have a great vintage from the Pridham Viticulture team.

Organising your harvest (machine or hand) is a little more than just ringing around for the cheapest price.

Firstly before you contact a harvest company be prepared with your vineyard harvest information.

Things to consider are:

All this information will save time enabling the harvest company to provide sound advice and pricing options.

Compliance is a normal part of labour operations. Legally it cannot be avoided. Be sure the company you deal with manages employees as per current wine industry labour laws and legislated wage rates.

Your harvest is too valuable not to put effort into planning, contact us if you need support and advice.

Happy Harvest

Pellenc Brochures

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Pellenc Green Spaces Brochure 2021


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Pellenc Vine, Fruit & Olive Growing 2021


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Pellenc Vine Growing Brochure 2021


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