This is the culmination of a years hard work and where expectations start to rise. It’s a valuable commodity hanging on your vines and you want the very best when it comes to efficient and cost effective harvesting operations.  Offering both mechanical and hand picking services, Pridham Viticulture can provide you with the very best when it comes to vintage.

Our mechanical harvesting service utilises the trusty Gregiore G65 and the state of the art Pellenc 8090 Selectiv’ Process. The Selectiv’ Process results in the cleanest pick possible, even more so than traditional hand picking! Less MOG means a happy winemaker and a happy winemaker makes for a happy vintage. In addition to the picking itself, we can also handle logistics and winery liaison for our clients.

While becoming less prevalent, hand picking is still a requirement for bush vines, many old vines and for particularly valuable crops. Each year Pridham Viticulture provides teams of dedicated, hard working folk who, despite the heat, flies and long days, perform tirelessly to get your crop to its destination on time and in-tact.


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