Mechanical Weed control – Non Chemical

Under vine pasture management. One of Pridham Viticulture’s specialties.

There is no such thing as a nuisance weed (unless a noxious weed) only a plant that is not useful to us at a particular point in time. Plants are useful when we need them but become weeds when we no longer want them -a regular dilemma we face.

Mechanical weed control in -place of chemical weed control.

How do we manage this?

It starts with vineyard design or retro fitting to suit under-vine weeding systems. This requires vineyard infrastructure assessment an important task in order to locate and manage obstacles (irrigation valves, risers, flush points, monitoring sites, dripline height, etc.)

Pridham Viticulture has many years experience with efficient and functional vineyard setup for under vine weeding systems.

The next step towards conversion is to assess the soil type and pasture species so we can plan the best management approach, example – mounding, under vine mowing, under vine mechanical weeding, applying mulch or a combination of a range of methods.

Call us for advice and planning.

We can help move your vineyard toward a low or non-chemical management system.

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