Crop Protection

Our pest and disease monitoring and control programs will provide your crop with the protection it deserves. From herbicide application through to unwanted animal control, we can provide you with peace of mind when it concerns your valuable investment. All of our protection programs revolve around two key responsibilities:

  • Minimise (if not remove all together) any negative impact on the environment.
  • Maximise potential returns both financially and environmentally.

The right formulation for the right situation – we take into account all factors (such as crop growth stage, target weeds, environmental conditions and effects, and desired outcomes) to apply the right formulation at the right time. Paramount in applying any chemical formulation is our goal of maintaining as much beneficial biological diversity within the vineyard and the soil on which it sits. As such, Pridham Viticulture is committed to utilising the “softest” approach possible while still achieving the required outcomes. Of course, though, there are alternatives to the traditional chemical approach and this is where our expertise with Bio-Dynamic practices come into play.

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