Bio-Dynamic farming looks upon the soil and land as living organisms. It regards maintenance and furtherance of soil life as a fundamental necessity if the soil is to be preserved for generations to come, and it regards the land as being true to its essential nature if it can be conceived of as an individual entity in itself. The sustainability of soil life is vital in order to protect the soil from erosion and to create, improve and augment the humus content. The result is a fine, crumbly structure containing the necessary organic colloids. This leads to the production of high quality crops which, in turn, means better feed for livestock and better food for human beings.

Bio-Dynamic practitioners use two sprays: Horn Manure 500 – a soil spray enhancing soil biology, plant vigour and root depth, and Horn Silica 501 – an atmospheric spray increasing photosynthesis and improving plant quality. Sprayed sparingly over the land, they promote more balanced plants that are less susceptible to insect and fungal attack. Insect, fungus and weed problems are viewed as symptoms, or messengers, of imbalances in the soil and stress in plants. Use of these two sprays quickly brings renewed life and character to the land.


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