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Official supplier of Eco Trellis systemsThe ECO Trellis ® product range offers a complete vineyard trellising solution using posts, clips and strainers as relevant to site location.

ECO Trellis ® is the perfect system for new vineyard developments and replacement of damaged wooden posts.

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Eco Trellis® Post

Eco Trellis Post
Made from high-strength galvanised carbon steel coated with a thick layer of zinc, ensuring high durability against corrosion – posts are welded longitudinally to provide additional strength to counter the pressures of
mechanical pruning and harvesting.

Eco Trellis® Strainer & Footing Systems

Tie back strainer system

Eco Trellis Tie back strainer
This is a simple tie-back anchor post. This system is highly recommended by ECO Trellis.

Patented footing

Eco Trellis Patented Footing
A patented footing at the base of the strainer and the intermediate posts gives up to four times more retention than an alternative post. If the soils are soft or loose, the ground retention flange plate prevents lifting or sinking under the base of the post.

ECO Trellis ® Patented Clip Range

High-strenght nylon clips are subjected to stringent laboratory testing to ensure superior overall quality. Simple to insert by hand, they also work well with automated vine-stripping applications.

ROTALOCK – Dual Hook

Eco Trellis Patented Footing
This clip is a multi-purpose clip suitable for irrigation, cordon and tucking wires.

ROTALOCK – Single Hook

Eco Trellis Rotalock Single Hook

This clip has all the same capabilities as the dual hook model, the beveled back edge allows for snag free lifting when used as a manual release clip for automated vine stripping.The single hook clip can also be used upside down allowing for only one option to place the wire in undulating terrain when unskilled labour is being used.

ROTALOCK – Permanent Wire Clip

Eco Trellis Rotalock Permanent Wire Clip

This clip is designed to capture a wire and never release it. This clip is ideal if you are running stock in your vineyards to keep grass and weeds under control.The lower irrigation and cordon wires can sometimes become dislodged from conventional clips.

Note: Do not use the permanent wire clip on cordon wires if you intend utilizing the KLIMA cane pruning system.

ROTALOCK – Self-Releasing Clip

Eco Trellis Rotalock Self Releasing Clip
The Self-Releasing Clip has been designed to release the wire once upward lifting force is applied, working in conjunction with automatic vine strippers.

ROTALOCK – Self-Releasing KLIMA Clip

Eco Trellis Rotalock Self Releasing KLIMA Clip

The Self-Releasing KLIMA clip has been designed specifically to be used with the KLIMA cane pruning system.The KLIMA self-releasing clips can be used for fruiting and foliage wire positions and are ideal for wire lifting in difficult undulating terrain.

ECO Trellis Plug

Eco Trellis Plug
This clip has been designed specifically to plug any un-used pre-punched holes on our ECO Trellis Posts. They are easily removed if you want to change the position of irrigation or cordon wires and do not protrude or interfere with mechanical pruning or harvesting equipment.

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