Pruning vines 2018

Pruners in the vines

We are looking for experienced pruners.

The pruning season is not far away, and Pridham Viticulture have a fair swag of work to get through. The areas of expertise we are looking for are vineyard -spur and cane pruning plus vine reconstruction works. Other areas of expertise are fruit and olive tree pruning.

Today’s professional pruning requires electric tools for work efficiency and safety. If you don’t have these Pridham Viticulture are also agents for Pellenc tools and can organise the purchasing, instruction and servicing of the pruning equipment.

Pridham Viticulture operate well organised and trained pruning crews that value equally the client and the pruner. We pay award rates as legislated and pay all required employment related expenses ensuring we have a fair workplace.

Get in contact with us to discuss further.

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