Pellenc Vinion 150

The new generation of PELLENC electric pruners, the pruners choice.

Pellenc has develop a set of electric secateurs that are light weight, yet strong- compact, yet reliable- easy to service and a dream to use. Almost every professional pruner agrees they are the most comfortable electric pruners on the market and at a price point you can make profits sooner. Pellenc have designed these tools for ease of maintenance and have a network of service agents to fix problems quickly.

Features include the optical trigger which allows very precise management of the blade opening, so much so than you can now use the electric secateurs for vine training.

The new brushless motor has increased efficiency by 92% which allows fast, accurate blade movement some 30% quicker than the older generation plus they are quieter.

The Vinion doesn’t require any tools for blade changing and it’s very easy to look after. Greasing once a day is all that’s required plus the hand guard is easy opening to clean around the blade.
This new generation tool is water resistant which allows you to work under wet conditions with out the worry of burning out electric components, a big bonus when winter pruning.

At only $1700.00+ GST it makes this high-end professional pruning equipment very affordable and the pruners choice.

Order now to upgrade to the next generation of electric pruning equipment. Check out our retail section for a full list of products or contact us.

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