Bird Netting 2019

Bird netting is similar to harvesting when it comes to planning the operation. The better organised you are the more cost affective it is.


Don’t take chances when you can protect your precious grape crops this season.

Pridham Viticulture for the past 18 years has provided application and retrieval services for multi-row drape netting. We use the proven Net-Master System. It applies and retrieves 4 row wide bird netting in a fast and cost effective manner. It is cheaper to run than any other system in the market.

A site inspection is required prior as there is an extensive check-list to complete before we can provide pricing details for your individual vineyard.

We can discuss netting options and arrange for the purchase of netting for your vineyard if you so require. We can also supply a limited amount of net rental.

We are reliable!

Drape netting cost estimate information for installation and/or retrieval


Net Machine – $45.00
Supervisor – $40.00
Tractor Driver – $40.00
Labourers x4 – $148.00
Sub total – $273.00
Tractor – $52.00
Total – $325.00 + GST


Generally a crew of 6 allows for the Driver, Machine Operator, 2 net pullers and 2 crew to clip or unclip the netting. Unclipping also involves stick removal from drape nets and lifting the nets up off the ground.

Area covered per hour depends on row lengths, headlands, obstacles, canopy, row widths, topography, etc – generally 0.4 Ha per hr up to 0.75Ha per hr if conditions are ideal.

For budget purpose allow $200 nets on & $200 nets off.

Per net roll to rollout – Good going $200 / Medium $240 / difficult $280 per roll

Transport is $80.00 both ways – total $160.00 within the McLaren Vale region
All prices stated do not include 10% GST.

Contact Ben to discuss more about bird netting.

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